Hme - Height Map Editor

Hme is a 2D program, used for creating, manipulating and viewing height maps.
A height map is a 2D representation of a 3D terrain. Each 'color' represents a height.
Anyway, if you are reading this page, I assume you do have a good idea about what height maps really are, so I won't go in further details explaining it.
Point is, so far, I never seen a GOOD terrain editor. Most of them are 3D editors, and that doesn't give you a feeling of "wholeness", so, making a river, or fine tuning a few pixels/heights can be a pain in the ass.
Other terrain editors are comercial programs, and/or too big, and too 'fancy'. HME is built on the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, and, while it is very easy to use, it also has some advanced features.
Current version: 1.3.1 Download
Latest Changes:

- Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to keep the hourglass form indefinitely, after loading
  a bmp, or after saving a map selection.
- Fixed a bug in the bmp loading routine, that might have crashed the program, on some Linux
- Now the bmps that have the width non divisible by 4 load correctly.

- Added a pseudo isometric preview (nothing VERY impressive, but it's better than nothing)
  Press Tab to switch between standard and isometric view.
- Fixed a small bug, that sometimes caused a crash, when resizing the window to very small
  sizes. Note that the bug that randomly crashes the program when arbitrary resizing the window,
  on Linux, hasn't been fixed yet (need some help on that).

- Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to remain forever in the hourglass shape, whenever the
  terrain was saved as BMP
- Fixed a bug that caused the program to save the configuration file in the last use directory,
  instead of the home directory.

Screenshots Click on them for a larger version:

- Very small (the entire distribution is smaller than 400 Kb).
- Can work with HUGE maps (up to 10000x10000)
- Easy to use interface
- It is FREE, and comes with the source code, under the GPL licence.
- Multi-platform: It works on Windows and Linux, and, most likely, it would work on other OSes where SDL is available. However, so far, it won't work on big endian machines.

Things it can do:
- Generate a random terrain.
- Place a height, over the terrain (freehand lines).
- Dig (escavate) into the terrain (freehand lines).
- Add (elevate) to the terrain (freehand lines).
- Put your own objects (such as volcanos, rivers, mountains, craters, etc.) in/on/over the existing terrain.
- Multiple brush sizes.
- Flood Fill
- Tolerance based fill
- Smooth the terrain.
- Sink the terrain
- Rise the terrain
- Selection based tool, so you can affect only an area.
- Zoom in and out, 16 levels.
- Rotate, and flip/revert the terrain.
- Minimap, for ease of navigation.
- Variable grid sizes.

See the manual for more information.

How you can help:
If you find this program useful, and you would like to contribute it's growth, please consider the following things:
1. If you find bugs, please report them.
2. If you manage to compile/use it on any OS other than Windows and Linux, please let me know, so I will put that OS on the list HME can run on.
3. If you build your own objects (to be embeded with the terrain), please send them to me, so I can include them in the HME distribution. And you will also be on the credits list :)
4. If you have a web site, put a link to this page.
5. If you think someone else would be interested in this program, tell him/her about it.

Hme is created by Radu Privantu: (chaos_rift at Feel free to drop an e-mail, if you have a something to say :)

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